Stay in the Know!

The multi-channel mobile communication platform for associations

Engage customized audiences, promote collaboration, and increase professional development


Convenient Access

Provide a mobile solution for members access to resources and contacts

Permission Based

Instant/Live Updates

Capture data

Customized Audience Targeting


Integrate software/systems available with open api

Form Designer for
custom styling

Interactive Channel Options


Mobile Library


Live Notification

Targeted Messaging

Customize your audience reach


Instantaneously message your entire user-base by the hundreds or even thousands. Whether it’s promoting an event, emphasizing an important announcement, or surveying your users for feedback, Broadkasts are ideal for any type of mass messaging.


Target your users by custom classifications. Classify your users into subgroups by membership type, interests, locations, and more. Perfect for organizations with segmented workgroups and projects.


Make it personal and send your users individualized messaging. Whether it’s a single notification or individual itineraries to each of your users, Directkast will help you reach your audience with a special personal touch.

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